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Whether You’re Looking for a Few Helpful Tips or Need an Experienced Professional to Fully Manage a Land Clearing or Tree Removal Project, The Tree Shop is Ready to Help!

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We Specialize in Forestry Mulching,
Land Clearing, and Other Land
Development Projects.

The Tree Shop is a professional forestry mulching and land clearing business committed to providing you with quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

The experts at The Tree Shop are ready to fulfill your contracting needs. 

Whether you’re looking for a few helpful tips or need an experienced professional to fully manage land clearing, forestry mulching, stump grinding and removal, and job preparation, tree trimming and removal, or storm clean-up for your properties and projects — we’ve got the tools and experience to guarantee success. 

Contact us to request an estimate of our Deland, FL, land clearing services.

Armed with a complete range of services and reliable solutions, we are qualified to tackle any project you may have. 

For your land clearing and forestry mulching service needs in the cities of Ocala, Tampa, Palm Bay, Clermont, Gainesville, and Orlando in Florida, our team of professional arborists at The Tree Shop is just a call away and are insured!

Working together with your demolition contractors, we can safely and expertly remove and dispose of huge trees on your residential or commercial property. No land clearing job is too small or too big for us to handle. 

Whether it’s a lot with several hundred trees or just a yard with a handful of aging trees, we can assist you with your situation. Our tree experts can also take care of any tree removal, stump removal job on your location before construction work begins.

We have multiple machines, including heavy-duty equipment and dump trucks, so we can always provide the correct equipment for your project, no matter the size. Whether you need to remove mulching stumps and smaller underbrush or create the right way for large acreage projects, we got you covered.

As well as helping owners, we work with construction companies in lake Helen and Volusia county that need tree services, landscape maintenance, or landscaping at an affordable price. We are familiar with neighborhoods in central Florida and can come quickly to your company land within short notice.

We Serve Clients All Over Central Florida

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Our Services

The Tree Shop is Ready
to Fulfill Your Contracting Needs.

Our team of tree service experts have the experience and equipment necessary for any job, whether that’s tree trimming or complete land clearing!

Land Clearing & Site Preparation

Our land clearing experts will remove all unwanted trees, stumps, and other debris from your property.

Forestry Mulching

It is an easier, faster and less environmentally risky option for land clearing that The Tree Shop are experts in.

Storm Cleanup

We’ll safely remove damaged branches following a storm, clean up tree debris left on your lawn or remove the entire tree if needed.

Tree Health Care

Our team of certified Arborists that can walk you though everything you need to know. Our team are each professional, patient.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Tree trimming & Pruning is extremely important when it comes to the well-being of your tree and its appearance.

Stump Grinding & Removal

Removing tree stumps properly can improve aesthetics and sanitation concerns.

Emergency Tree Service

Look no further than The Tree Shop who Deland, FL and the surrounding areas.

Tree Removal

Whether you need tree removal or sone of the other services that we offer, The Tree Shop is just the company for the job.


Why Choose Us

Why Hire Us For Land Clearing Services?

The Tree Shop is the name you can trust for your tree services and land clearing projects in Deland, FL, and surrounding areas. We have 100’s of happy customers and would be glad to see you join Florida locals who have used our land clearing services. 

Because of our long-standing experience in lot clearing in Deland, Florida, we can do your job quickly and thoroughly. Our experts will take you through the land clearing process in Orange County and surrounding areas and handle any request you have within your schedule and budget. 

You’ll never wait for more than the agreed time or make follow-up calls to know the job status.


Benefits of Our Land Clearing Services

We have arborists and professionals that can expertly handle forestry mulching, tree removal, total land clearing, and site preparation. 

We’ll completely remove any trees, bushes, or other vegetative impediments, clearing away all excess debris and aiding businesses in Deland, FL, with land preparation.


Professional Tree Service

We offer safe, friendly, and professional tree service. We do every job to the standard of our customers while keeping the rates competitive for all clients.

Excellent Customer Services

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority. Our arborists and tree professionals listen keenly to understand the problems of our customers before recommending solutions. They also go the extra mile to deliver results that put a smile on the customer’s face.

The Wealth Of Experience

Customers all over Florida make us their natural choice for land clearing and site preparation. Our team is qualified to clear land and take any landscape maintenance project.

Zero Waste Techniques

At The Tree Shop , we use a single machine that cuts, grinds, and clears debris into mulch that can be used to keep all the nutrients on the property. We don’t need to haul debris off or burning anything on the job site.

Positive Customer Reviews

We have many outstanding reviews and a positive BBB rating, testament to the quality of our tree service. A quick check on the Google Search results page puts this beyond doubt.

Service Areas

We Can Be Found Serving Clients All Over Central Florida.

The Tree Shop has proudly provided tree services to the following areas in Central Florida.


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We’ve Got the Tools and Experience to Guarantee Success.

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If you think your business would benefit from land clearing for residential and commercial site development or other tree services in Deland FL, contact the experts at The Tree Shop at 386-843-5266 to request a free estimate or drop a message via the online contact form on our website to inquire about the next step.

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Specializing in forestry mulching, land clearing, and other land development projects.

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