How to Clear Land: Different Processes by Professionals

Tree Shop is home to some of the most trusted and experienced land clearing professionals in Deland, FL. Every year, we receive numerous questions from business owners and residents about the most efficient ways to remove stumps, trees, and wildlife from their property without running into trouble from the law. If you have been asking how to clear land efficiently and sustainably, get quality advice straight from the experts as our arborists and engineers outline our tried-and-tested land clearing work process below.

What is a Land Clearing Project?

Before describing industry methods for land clearing, it’s essential to define what it is and what to expect when you do it yourself or hire a professional to help you.

Land clearing involves removing trees, shrubbery, and wildlife from a patch of land to make it suitable for residential or commercial use. Real estate prices in Deland are some of the most cost-efficient in Florida, so it’s not uncommon for our customers to ask us to clear thousands of acres of land in a single job.

At Tree Shop, our land clearing team is proficient in four methods of land clearing:

  • The Cut and Grind Method
  • The Pile and Burn Method
  • The Pushover Method
  • The Pullover Method

How to Clear Land with the Cut and Grind Method

When land clearing professionals mention “cut and grind,” they refer to a process that involves eliminating trees from a parcel of land and moving them to a secondary location for further processing. A third-party plant will grind these trees and sell them as mulch or construction material.

If you ask us to use the Cut and Grind Method, our technicians will remove the weeds and brush in your property using a root plow and brush mowers. Then, we cut down your trees and leave them as stumps, which we will remove later using backhoes and bulldozers.

How to Clear Land with the Pile and Burn Method

We use the Pile and Burn Method as a last resort for very challenging land clearing projects. Many states and cities require people to get fire risk and burn permits before using this method, and in places like San Juan County, WA, you can only do it during government-designated Burning Seasons.

The Pile and Burn Method involves starting a controlled fire and keeping it alive until all brush, trees, and undergrowth become ashes. We will snuff out the flames with protection equipment after some time and then run a bulldozer over your property to give you a level surface where you can build.

How to Clear Land with the Pushover Method

The Pushover Method is the most simple land clearing technique. It is also the cheapest to implement, rivaling the Pullover Method. We’ll use skid steer loaders, compact track loaders, and backhoes to clear your land of trees and brush.

We’ll remove trees with the roots intact, so you won’t have to pay for stump removal. A third party will grind them into mulching material and give them back to you or sell them on the fertilizer market.

How to Clear Land with the Pullover Method

The Pullover Method utilizes large tractors with anchor chains to pull shrubbery and trees off the ground. This technique is similar to the Pushover Method in principle but has far more limitations as leftover tree roots may invite pests and fungi if you leave them to rot.

Which Land Clearing Method is Best for You?

At Tree Shop, our tree care experts, surveyors, and planners are proud to be the leaders and essential components of numerous land clearing projects in Deland and beyond. We’re experts in handling heavy equipment, removing the stumps of trees with their root systems intact, and creating miles of usable space for public parks, residences, and commercial enclaves.

If you are still wondering how to clear land for your private use, contact our experts today by calling 386-843-5266. We’re the leading tree health care service in Deland. We will give you a free cost estimate after a consultation.

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