Top 3 Things To Know About The Tree Removal Process in Alexandria, VA

Trees offer many benefits to any site, including better aesthetics, shade during the summer, and improved property value. However, there comes a time when tree removal is essential. This post explores three top things you must know about the tree removal process in Alexandria, VA.

Tree Removal Should be the Last Resort

Tree removal is something that requires careful consideration and planning. As a property owner, you should only opt for it if other management options like tree trimming, pruning, or disease mitigation are insufficient. The good news is that the following signs can tell you when to request professional tree removal services.

Large, dead branches in the tree’s crown are sometimes known as widow-makers because they tend to fall and injure the branches below. If more than 50% of the tree is damaged or dead, consider enlisting the help of a tree removal professional in Alexandria, VA, for safety reasons.

Signs of infections: Deep splits in the bark of your tree, soft and crumbly wood, the appearance of fungi, crown dieback, and misshapen or discolored leaves are signs that your tree is infected. You should also watch out for woodpeckers feeding heavily on the tree, emergence holes, and feeding galleries as they indicate the presence of unwanted pests.

Mushrooms at the base: If the tree in your yard has mushrooms or other signs of fungus growth, plant health care may not be enough to salvage the tree. Removal may be the only option to ensure that the infection doesn’t spread to other trees around your Alexandria home.

Compromised tree trunk: Issues with the trunk are not always noticeable and can last several years. However, decaying tree trunks can cause the tree to collapse unexpectedly. Contact professional tree services in Alexandria, VA, if you notice cracks, wounds, or splitting in the trunk.

Tree leaning to one side: If it looks like a tree is leaning to one side, removal might be the only way to maintain the beauty of your landscape. Leaning trees can topple over and, if they are on the property line, cause damage to your neighbor’s home. Look for a tree service in your area, and ask them to take a look.

The tree is too close to the house: As trees grow, their branches extend outward and encroach on your house. Healthy or not, a tree that’s too close to your Northern VA home will cause severe damage in the future. The same is true for trees too close to power lines, fences, or sheds.

There Are Dangers to DIY Tree Removal

Whether a huge or small tree, tree removal involves a comprehensive understanding of tree physics and biology, advanced tree cutting techniques, and expertise in working with dangerous tools. It’s a perilous undertaking that should be left to professionals.

DIY tree removal comes with various risks, some of which are listed below.

Fall injury: Removing a hazardous tree from the landscape often requires working from a height. This increases the risk of falling if using heavy equipment or extent from your center of gravity.

Gravity: You have no control over where a tree will land once it starts falling. A professional arborist will know how to predict where the tree will fall. Moreover, they can manipulate where a trunk will land with ropes and cutting techniques. Without such expertise, the tree might end up on power lines and cause a blackout across the neighborhood.

Equipment safety: The equipment used for tree and stump removal is heavy and powerful. In the untrained hands of DIY homeowners, they can be unpredictable and dangerous. For instance, chainsaws can recoil forcefully when they hit a hard surface and kick back, causing you harm.

Weight: The branches on larger trees can be enormously dense and weighty. A tree removal company can do an excellent job of handling heavy branches. A significant risk of DIY tree removal is sewing off such branches only to watch them fall unceremoniously on the neighbor’s property.

Electrocution: When trimming, pruning, or removing trees near power lines, there is a real danger of getting electrocuted. Licensed tree services in Alexandria, VA, have the skills and tools to remove trees while protecting their team from electrocution.

Choose a Tree Removal Services Wisely

Due to the dangers associated with this type of home project, it’s crucial that you hire a tree care and removal company. A team of highly skilled professionals will handle every step of eliminating a dangerous tree from your yard. Choosing the right tree service based on the following factors will give you total confidence that they will do quality work.

Check reviews and ratings: It’s essential to check out a company’s reputation in the local community when seeking a professional to remove a hazardous tree from your Alexandria, VA, home. The overall rating on sites like Google, Angie’s List, Yahoo, and Yelp is based on verified reviews and feedback from businesses and residential clients. The reviews will let you know if you’re working with a company dedicated to customer satisfaction and safety.

Consider insurance and liability: Removing trees is dangerous work, so you need a tree service that is licensed and fully insured. Liability insurance shows that you won’t be held liable for any property damage or injury.

Ask about certification: You can trust ISA-certified arborists to use the specifications and standards acknowledged by experts in the tree care industry. The team at Dos Amigos Tree Experts is fully certified and ready to handle your tree removal needs.

Go with experience: The more experience a tree cutting service has, the more likely it’ll do the work required exceptionally. Dos Amigos Tree Experts is a team of arborists that has been in business for more than 20 years. They professionally handle everything, ensuring excellent quality work.

Consider services offered: The company you hire should offer a variety of tree services, as cutting down the tree may not be enough. Ideally, the company provides stump grinding and does a great job cleaning the branches, logs, and leaves afterward.

Compare quotes: You want to hire a tree care company that charges a reasonable price for its services. Of course, the cost will vary greatly depending on the location and type of tree and what’s included in the service. Take advantage of the free estimates offered and compare quotes from at least three companies in the city of Alexandria.

Contact Dos Amigos Tree Experts for Tree Services in Alexandria, VA

Having a tree removed while preserving the landscape’s integrity is a big undertaking. You need the help of a certified and licensed tree service that puts customers’ needs. Dos Amigos Tree Experts is a team of experts that handles service requests from businesses, homeowners, and government institutions. We serve all areas of Northern Virginia, including Falls Church, Alexandria, Arlington, Springfield, Vienna, and Washington D.C. Trees are more than our business for our certified arborists – it’s our passion and way of life.

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