Should You Trim Lower Branches On Trees?

Are there long, protruding branches hanging from your trees? Do your lower tree branches appear to be violating city code? If so, you may wonder, “Should you trim lower branches on trees?” to fix the issue. The answer is yes, but you must execute it properly and carefully.

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Benefits of Trimming Low Tree Branches

It is usually beneficial to trim low tree branches. It also is wise to invest in good plant health.

So, should you trim lower branches on trees? Yes, but you must not remove too much because your tree’s immunity from infestation and decay depends on having intact limbs.

Some of these benefits to trimming trees are:

  • Pruning cuts for your tree prevents the tree from becoming unmanageable.
  • You will uncover a blocked path or area with too much shade.
  • You protect yourself, your neighbors, and anyone else from getting hurt by jutting lower tree branches.
  • Your tree will fall within the height allowance of the city if consistently managed.
  • Lateral cutting or cutting from the parent or lateral branches allows a tree to grow away from unwanted areas. Telephone wires are an example of this issue. Careful pruning essentially trains the tree to grow in the right direction.
  • You free up more space within your garden to plant flowers.
  • You will also clear the surrounding area if the tree blocks room for pedestrians and vehicles.

Essential Tips for Trimming Lower Branches

  • Do not trim trees considered public property or trim trees extensively. You may not have permission to do so and can face trouble. The task also may be too dangerous.
  • Keep in mind that a tree relies on its lower branches for structural support and immune system function. Therefore, we recommend only cutting one-third of the tree’s total height at most.
  • You should not trim oak trees between February and June because oak wilt disease can spread during this time.
  • Over-pruning large branches can increase a tree’s risk for decay and cause tree death.
  • Trimming up every two or three years is best for maintaining trees with many limbs.
  • Smaller branches are often simple to trim. Any branches reaching above your head require you to wear a safety helmet. Despite such precautions, professional arborists are still the best way to go to assure safe trimming.
  • Place mulch around the base of your trees as it helps avoid evaporation.
  • Prevent “broccoli trees” by only trimming the tree’s canopy 10% or less and 20% at most.

Get Professional Tree Pruning with The Tree Shop

Professional tree trimmers do proper pruning best. You’ll rest assured knowing they prune trees correctly and skillfully. In addition, you avoid the risk of harming yourself.

So, should you trim lower branches on trees? Certainly, and The Tree Shop can help! Seek the affordable and trusted services of The Tree Shop.

Our professional arborists perform:

  • Tree removal and healthcare
  • Tree pruning and trimming
  • Stump grinding and removal
  • Site preparation and land clearing
  • Emergency tree services
  • Forestry mulching

We’re happy to help you with our tree health care services and land clearing services. We serve Leland, FL, and the surrounding areas for all tree maintenance and clearing needs. For a consultation with our experts and a free estimate, call The Tree Shop today at 386-843-5266!

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