Why You Should Never DIY Land Clearing: Top Reasons

We at the leading land clearing service in Orlando by The Tree Shop answer hundreds of calls from residents and business owners. These clients are all overwhelmed with the labor of debris removal, tree stump removal, and eliminating or replanting the larger trees.

Planning a DIY land clearing project can require thousands of dollars in investment. You may also need to take several weeks off from work or managing your business.

Our experts were once DIY land clearing enthusiasts. They upgraded their skills through years of training and professional experience until they could offer them to the public. In this guide, we will list why DIY land clearing can be more costly, inefficient, and wasteful than hiring a professional.

You Might Face Legal Issues from Poorly Defined Borders

Many people who practice DIY land clearing live in areas with vast fields and woodlands. As a result, property lines may sometimes blur.

Most homeowners think they know where their property starts and ends without making precise measurements. Do not start clearing your land of vegetation until you get a professional to mark the property borders.

Without defined boundaries, you could accidentally damage or remove trees on the adjacent property. Therefore, its owner may sue you for thousands of dollars in property damage.

DIY land clearing is supposed to save you money. However, paying for legal fees can destroy all your labor and time investments.

Hire a licensed surveyor to check the borders, even if the previous owner has already performed a land survey. This way, you’ll ensure that your land sizes are accurate.

Our contracting crew at The Tree Shop boasts some of the best surveyors in the business. We also operate up-to-date equipment that provides a highly accurate measurement of your land. Our team performs land measurements and border markings at cost-effective rates.

Are You Staying Up-To-Date with Local Zoning Laws?

Securing permits to construct residential and commercial structures can become a protracted process. This step can be especially tedious if you’re not up-to-date with your local zoning laws.

Your zoning office might not have the updated list of protected bushes, trees, and plants on its website. So, you may need to drop by in person to ensure that you’re not breaking any conservation statutes.

In contrast, land clearing professionals are knowledgeable about endangered crops, trees, and natural habitats. We have to be experts in conservation. If not, we will pay the fines our customers will incur if we remove endangered trees.

Cutting down protected vegetation could also result in project delays. These hold-ups are just as frustrating for us as for our clients.

Do You Know Which Trees Could Add Value to Your Property?

Many DIY land-clearing crews share the idea that clearing land means removing all vegetation to avoid resprouting. However, many tree species can provide shade. Furthermore, bushes and flowers could give your property much-needed curb appeal.

Moreover, many hardwood and softwood trees could be a source of lumber. This resource might help you partially recoup the cost of professional or DIY land clearing.

We serve many business owners and developers in Florida. Many of them did not know they had healthy walnut, maple, oak, and beech trees on their property. As long as these trees are not damaged or diseased, you can sell their lumber for excellent prices.

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