What to Expect Before and After Land Clearing

While most people are no strangers to it, many don’t know what to expect before and after land clearing. If this sounds like you, worry not. This post will offer you a guide on what to expect before, during, and after land clearing, sharing with you the reasons you need professional land clearing contractors in Orlando.

What to Expect Before

If you’re fortunate, you might have the perfect piece of land for a house, farm, or pasture. However, this land may contain a large amount of overgrowth that you will need to clear to create usable space.

Land clearing is a term that refers to the process of boulder, stump, and tree removal. It might sound straightforward, but the process can be complex.

For instance, you need to determine if you need a permit to clear the land since it might contain vegetation or wildlife you cannot remove. It is also vital to check with the area’s land planning agency to ensure you have the authority to clear the land.

Fortunately, a land clearing contractor can help you attain the necessary permits and authorization.

What to Expect During

The methods, labor, and cost of the clearing will depend on the vegetation and the land’s intended purpose. These are the general steps land clearing involves.

Land Assessment

A contracting company will assess your land, surveying its size, soil type, and the natural elements it contains to determine the equipment to use.

Budget and Plan Creation

After a complete assessment, the next step is creating a project plan and budget. The plan will determine the project’s budget. For instance, if the land contains stumps and other objects difficult to remove, you will need more extensive land clearing services.

Land Clearing

With everything in place, the land clearing can begin.

The process usually starts with removing vegetation before taking away large obstacles like rocks. Since stump removal is challenging, the contractors could choose only to remove those that would hinder construction, grinding the rest to the soil.

What to Expect After

After the clearing, the contractors will do a final sweep of the land, removing any remaining vegetation and debris, such as small bushes and fallen branches. They will then fill the holes created by the stump and rock removal process, leaving your land with flat surfaces.

The final step involves disposing of the waste.

Since not all garbage companies handle weeds, bushes, and branches, you might need a specialized service for proper disposal. You also have the option of saving some materials for future projects.

For instance, you can use the wood chips a wood chipper leaves behind for mud control or gardening. While some might choose to burn the leftovers, avoid burning poisonous plants like poison ivy because doing so can cause respiratory issues for people who inhale the smoke.

Professional Land Clearing and Site Preparation

While knowing what to expect before and after land clearing helps make the process easier, opting for professional land clearing contractors is essential. Besides their detailed grasp of all land clearing basics, they have the experience and tools necessary to ensure satisfactory results.

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